Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Needs a better title (muses to self)

I like to mind my own business except when it comes to politics. I am very passionate about politics. I prefer to be vocal about any/all injustices and fighting for what is right. I figure since this is our Tribe we can keep the awfulness down to a minimum. The only drama I like in my life is which ice cream flavor to choose, one scoop or two. Karma is a beast to contend with and I am all too aware of what goes around, comes around. What actions are worthy of that place? Roger Rabbit was being framed by a loony tune. (That is the only reference that I am comfortable addressing) I wonder if Judge Doom went to tune hell

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Defamation of character/ how to ruin someone

I have witnessed the spiteful, lying, delusional, wretched, desperate, misery at its worst behavior ever. It is not a pretty sight but it is good to have knowledge of this sort awfulness. I feel somewhat enlightened but it also makes feel like I have to bathe.

It is common knowledge now and everybody knows.

Who: Do I really have to say?

What: Villainized

When: Years

Why: Who is going to believe you?

How: It is in print & there’s “evidence”. Respectable people say so.

Who stole all the Tribe’s money?

Who is responsible for the percap cuts?

Who shut down the casino?

Who ruined our Tribe?

Ask anyone because it has been pounded into people’s heads that the people who make up the Walker council are to blame for all the Tribe’s troubles. Their reputations are already ruined and I doubt that they will ever be able to get back on the tribal council. It does not matter how much they proclaim their innocence. It is disheartening to see all this going on and the true culprits remain free of any scrutiny.

I think that anyone that has been a victim of false accusations should speak up and clear their name.  They could also sue for defamation of character… cha -ching.

Friday, May 13, 2011

You can't buy my support... how much were you offering?

Sorry, Tribe, every election that rolls around will continue to bring the same dismal results tribal councils. Cue the screams of disbelief all around when its time for nominations. (List of names) who are running for the tribal council? Perhaps, they hope that the tribal members have a slight case of amnesia of all the “self -righteous” things they have done in the name of the Tribe. You must learn to forgive and forget because people are capable of change. Snorts incredulously, um I prefer to remember and be cautious. I am still suspicious of chief appointed councils… It has been rumored that the $400,000 cash withdrawal was to pay for supporters. If, I had know about the supporter money I would have collected the money and dutifully shown up at the tribal center to show my false support. I would have even waved around a sign that said, BAD INDIANS and put on my best-constipated face. Little did they know my fictional sign was not reffering to the elected tribal council but the chief appointed council. Ha!

*The Walker council was giving all the tribal members $5,000 checks for any inconvenience or grief caused by the takeover. I knew about that money so I collected, but I would have really like some of that $400,000. Pictures a sign. Pink, glitterfied, BAD INDIANS

Lookit here all you's here are Meskwaki Indians now

TITLE 10. Enrollment
Article II
Tribal Rolls
Chapter 1. Establishment
Sec. 10-3101. Base Roll
The Base Roll of the Tribe shall be the official census roll of January 1, 1937, of the Sac and Fox Tribe in Iowa, except those designated in the roll as non-enrolled members of the Tribe.

The BIA took it upon themselves to count all the people who were on or around the settlement in 1937 as official Meskwaki Indians. Meskwakis, that ministry group (whites) and the powwow stragglers (natives from other Tribes that hung around after powwows.)

It is the latter whose offspring who are the troublemakers of this Tribe. They show no remorse of the havoc they wreak on this Tribe because they know they do not belong around here. The year 1937 was the only time the Tribe had to make exemptions for those who don’t meet the Tribe's eligibility for enrollment.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Looters: Come one, Come all

There are four pages of people from Oklahoma who were enrolled in the Meskwaki Tribe? Font size, spacing tallies up to how many people? Are they the lost Meskwakis or are they just taking advantage of a disorganized Tribe. I wonder if the Tribe will look into this claim or any claim of enrollment fraud. I am sure nobody wants to step on any toes.

Casino Jack

I rented that movie just because there were Native American actors in it. Well, it turns out it was about that Jack Abramoff. Does that ring a bell? Troglodytes and monkeys. Whispers I think he was referring to Indians. Oh, the horror. Our Tribe paid a consulting fee of $150, 000 to Greenberg & Traurig in 2003. That’s the only transaction that I am aware of, but perhaps we paid more. You know, because the 2003 audit is full of secrets meaning nobody can see through the blacked out pages. I wonder if our Tribe has received any money from Scanlon since he was ordered to compensate over $20 million to former Indian Tribe clients. I know the Meskwaki Tribe was one of them. I didn’t realize you have to pay people a bunch of money to talk smack about Indians. I always thought you could get it for free. *Concentrates on taking the higher road. Struggles.

Title 10. Enrollment Procedure

Article IV.
Enrollment Procedure

Sec. 10-4101. Form and Contents of Application
(a) Applications for enrollment in the Tribe shall be made by submissions of a form approved by the Enrollment Committee.
(b) Applications shall be filled out completely and shall be accompanied by supporting documentation, including:
(1) An original birth certificate, with a raised seal or stamped with both parents’ names;
(2) A notarized paternity statement containing the signatures of both parents, provided proof that a parent is deceased can be submitted in lieu of the signature of the deceased parent;
(3) An ancestry chart;
(4) A copy of the applicant’s social security card;
(5) DNA test results using a twelve- (12) marker protocol, establishing with a 98% or greater degree of certainty that the applicant is the child of an enrolled male member of the Meskwaki Tribe.
( c) The applicant or person completing the application pursuant to Section 10- 4102 must certify under penalty of perjury that the information given is true, and must further acknowledge that fraudulently providing information on an application will render applicant’s enrollment voidable.

Has elitism found its way to our Tribe's enrollment requirements?

Our Tribe has already enrolled some individuals’ whose paternal fathers are not enrolled Meskwaki men. Dunno how that happened.This slip up has just made way or set precedent for other individuals who should be enrolled based on this fact alone. What's a few more thousand people?

It's either Meskwaki women will be able to enroll their children or there will be some people disenrolled.
” Hey, they’re already enrolled!” “Just leave it alone.” “From this moment on like right now, we will be more strict about this sort of stuff." Cites unfairness
Will Meskwaki women ever be able to enroll their children? I highly doubt it especially after reading this case.
See Santa Clara Pueblo vs. Martinez

Monday, November 29, 2010

You could have been millionaires... so freakin bad

The Tribe has a lot of money thanks in part to the children’s trust funds. I’ve just been informed that the Tribe is taking the interest that is being generated by the children’s trust funds. They’re not merely skimming the interest but they’re taking any/all the interest and funneling it back into the Tribe. This has been going on for quite some time. There are laws in place to protect minor’s trust funds, but some individuals have managed to skirt around them. Anywhoo, doesn’t the Tribe employ someone to notice these things? Alert the proper authorities.

What Missing Money? Just Grovel.

Remember, the 10 tribal members whose percap had been withheld for 5 years and was being held for them in escrow. Well, that withheld percap amounts to a tidy sum of $90,000- $100,000 Yet, the 10 tribal members still haven’t received any of it.
2005 Court Report
Tribal council: We want you to recognize us as your tribal council!
10 tribal members: Oh, really.
Tribal council: Say it. You have to say it.
10 tribal members: Yawn
Tribal council: We want you to acknowledge us as your tribal council! You’re going to have to say it using your voices.
10 tribal members: Is this going to take much longer?
Tribal council: We’re going to need you to give some indication that you consider us the tribal council.
10 tribal members: This is getting a bit wearisome.
Tribal council: Do you know who we are?
10 tribal members: Ah, getting a whiff of it. An awful lot.
Tribal council: Ok, if that’s how you want to be. You will no longer be getting your percap. Indefinitely.

End Scene
That pretty much sums up what happened. I will most definitely keep bringing up what that wretched tribal council did until the bans are lifted at the casino and the 10 tribal members receive their back payments.

Meskwaki Language classes are not mandatory. woot woot

Koko knows best.

Apparently, there's some sort of checklist to being an authentic Indian or in this case a Meskwaki Indian.

- Thou must speak the Meskwaki language.
*I know the basics, but I prefer to speak it with an Irish accent. I don’t know why I do. Perhaps, I think it makes me appear jolly. A jolly good Indian.
- Thou must be a traditional person.
I never see you at the clan feasts therefore you are not Meskwaki enough. *I don’t like what goes on at those feasts … using it the wrong way. No, thanks. I’m not going to be a part of that. Not for me.

Dipping your wick, mate?

There has been some speculation surrounding a tribal council member’s decision to hire an assistant when things are a bit slow around the workplace (casino). I could care less but there have been some who are wiggling their eyebrows and sniggering. They have taken an interest. I mention this to go into another topic.
There are also many people who are displeased that a tribal council member is working at the casino. You know, conflict of interest and all. A tribal council member working at the Tribe’s gaming establishment had always been a definite no-no until 2003. I guess that’s why the chairman scurried to the school awhile back. Time to go back to the way things used to be?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wee said the lawyers

The gentle rolling hills and the lush tree lined roads rivaled New England’s own. Look to your left and you can see the modest homes nestled near the woods and the small neat gardens. To the right- no, look past the mange dog. There do you see it? A weeping willow tree sways from the children swinging on its vines. The police liked to complain that it was too quiet and wondered why the savages do not cause more mischief. Out-of-towners were quick to exclaim, “This is pretty. I thought Iowa was just flat like Nebraska.” The Meskwakis smile and assure them that it is a common misconception. The swarm of mosquitoes that greeted you once you opened the door in the summer did not spoil the magnificence of the land. Look a little closer and you will see the anguish and stifled lives of a conquered and divided people. The evil maharajah captured the Meskwakis when they were at their most vulnerable and they were forced to live under his rule. Oh, no! A time when the Meskwakis’ conversation was peppered with a lot of, “No sir, I don’t want no problems. “ “No sir, I know my place. “ No sir, I don’t want no trouble. ““No sir, I don’t want to get involved. “ The evil maharajah snarled, “If you defy me; heads will roll!” The evil maharajah’s minions squeaked, “Heads will roll. “ The Meskwakis lowered their gaze to the ground. The apple tree by the fields produced apples the color and sheen of candy apples but they were full of worms. The lavender planted in the window box gave off a scent of vinegar. One day the iced tea was warm and the plump tomatoes did not taste the same even sprinkled with sugar! Sensing the Meskwakis distress, the heroic tribal council swooped in and together they defeated the evil maharajah. The Meskwakis were freed and allowed to return to their lives. They also saw the evil maharajah for what he truly was a tyrant in a cheesy cowboy getup with goofy hair like the guy with the coin who says, “Call it.” from the movie,” No Country for Old Men.” (He does not really but I gave him the hairstyle) The evil maharajah hobbled away from Meskwaki land only pausing to look back occasionally and let out a rueful cry, “Ahoo.” The clacking sound of the evil maharajah’s cowboy boots grew fainter and fainter. In the future, Meskwakis were fiercely protective of and never let anything interfere with the lives they had made for themselves.

Now, Indians, you play nice and prove you can get along

How can the Tribe mend the rift from the takeover when there are tribal members who are still being penalized for the past? Is the Tribe expected to unite despite this? Will the Meskwaki Tribe be able to leave the past behind and move ahead for better times? It sounds nice, but many changes have to be made first.

This doesn’t unite the Tribe in case you have forgotten. 2004- 2010

-Tribal members were summoned to attend hearings about the $778,000- $779,000 missing from the school. These tribal members had their percap taken away until they appeared at the hearings and proved their innocence. Ten tribal members aren’t receiving their percap. (still in effect today)
*2005- a tribal council member admitted that the charges were bogus and that there was no missing money.

-Tribal members are banned from the casino. (still in effect today)

-Tribal members are given the run around, or flat out being refused financial assistance at Higher Ed because of past political affiliations, family, etc. (still in effect todayTribal members are unable to get jobs on the settlement. (still in effect today)

This has been going on for the past seven years. As for the people who say that these tribal members got what they deserve and call this justice. That’s bad. This worries me because it sets a precedent for future tribal councils to treat tribal members in the same manner or worse. Are future tribal councils being led to believe that it is acceptable behavior to abuse their power and try to bully people into submission. Unfortunately, yes. That’s why it is important for the new tribal council to give an ending to the 2003 takeover

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Humph. The gall, the nerve, the hypocrisy?

Larry has filed a petition in the tribal court to get his job as executive director back.

* Fighting and going against the will of the people...

The Tribe has been burgled?

November 2003: The amount in the Tribe's frozen account at Wells Fargo Bank- $400,000,000. Four-hundred million dollars. $400 million.

May 2008: The tribal council informs the Meskwaki people that the Tribe is broke and cuts the percap.

October? 2009- The tribal council informs the Meskwaki people that the Tribe has $37 million with $7 million in reserve.

There are several theories floating around about what happened to the Tribe's money.
1. The tribal council hid the money.
2. The tribal council spent all the money.
3. The money was laundered by the tribal council.

Tribal members need to put the pressure on the new tribal council to find out what happened to the Tribe's money and if possible to recover the money.

I think it would be wise to set up a yearly spending limit for the tribal council. How about an allowance of $500,000- $1,000,000 a year. It's not fair for the whole Tribe to be left in a bind because of seven tribal members.

*I'll scan and post the Wells Fargo Bank statement that shows the Tribe's balance of $400,000,000.


I see this referendum as not only as an opportunity to right a wrong, but to provide closure. For whom? The Meskwaki Tribe.

Reject- leaves the door open for future acts of retaliation or what others may consider justice.

Ratify- Would it be silly to hope for a truce to be called? The Tribe can put all this behind us.

Will the ten tribal people also receive their money being held in escrow?

Referendum- To reject or ratify the Tribal Council's action that restored per-capita payments to the following members effective March 12, 2010

Alex Walker Jr.
Lyle Walker
Aaron Walker
Frank Wanatee Jr.
LeoDean Peters
Donald Wanatee Sr.
Priscilla Wanatee
Roberta Hale
Delores Troxell
Elizabeth Roberts

* Rescheduled to February 15, 2010

Friday, October 23, 2009

"Together, we must all ensure that Tribal councils now and in the future are held accountable for their actions."

How are Adrian, Jon, and Deron going to be held accountable for their actions? An apology in the form of a letter to the tribal members that goes something like this:

Tribal Members,
Today, we announce our resignation. We have tried to the best of our ability to make sound decisions for the Tribe without the input of the tribal members. We apologize for conducting tribal affairs with an air of elitism. We feel our presence on the tribal council could hinder the progress of the Tribe as it is on the mend. We are attempting to disentangle ourselves from being held accountable for blowing through the Tribe’s money and the tribal members' plight.(denied their rightful money and driven into poverty).

Quack, Quack, Quack

Broken Tribe- Vow to avenge tribal members' years of suffering and deprivation.

How? By repairing and restoring the Tribe with goodness and decency. By discouraging individuals (who knowingly/unknowingly destroyed the Tribe) from anymore stints on the tribal council. Revenge, is a tired term thrown around to discredit other individuals’ sincere concern and ambitions to remedy the piss poor decisions of the past tribal councils. There were five seats open on the tribal council and many tribal members felt it was time to reclaim the Tribe, a determination to make the settlement a better place, and- above all- a fairer place.

I guess the sign; "Vote for Deron, Not Revenge" was more effective than my smear campaign because this guy got back on the tribal council, Deron Ward

*The sign indicates an individual(s) lack of desire to accept any responsibility for the mismanagement of the Tribe.

What has Deron done for the Tribe that secured him a place on the tribal council? Was it his sporadic attendance at tribal council meetings, his excessive use of comps at the casino, notorious drunken antics at the casino, or was it his history of being a yes man? I do not know if it is just a coincidence that every council he has been on has resulted in extreme losses for the Tribe or maybe it’s just him. Is this guy a jinx?

Quack, Quack, Quack

Deron Ward- lame duck
Adrian Pushetonequa- lame duck
Jon Papakee- lame duck

Why are these people still clinging to the tribal council? What more are they going to do the Tribe? (shudders with dread)

* Duck translation:
quack, quack, quack- means no good.

New Tribal Council

Judith Bender
Donald Wanatee Sr.
Tony Waseskuk
Dirk Whitebreast
Deron Ward
Adrian Pushetonequa
Jon Papakee

Monday, October 19, 2009

Open your eyes

This is not the future our ancestors wanted for the Meskwaki Tribe. Conflict. Distress. Debt. Corruption. The takeover hurt a lot of people and it brought many problems for the Tribe. Look around. Whose lives have been considerably altered for the better? Who came out victorious from the takeover? The leeches/lawyers/dispute profiteers. The Meskwaki Tribe lost.

Note to tribal members- please no more takeovers. "Ooh, they're too spensive." Soo spensive." *expensive

Ain't nothing I can do, ain't nothing I can say

Everyone could relate to money or lack thereof so that is why I chose to talk about money. It was my aim to put a spotlight on the tribal council and for the truth to come out. I know that it was a blow to everyone when the percap was cut and this probably attributed to an increase in the use of alcohol and drugs. I do not see how addressing the issues of alcohol and drugs would be beneficial to anyone. Would you like to see more alcohol and drug awareness programs?
Why try to dictate how you think other people ought to live their lives? You can rattle off all the pitfalls of alcohol and drugs, but it is ultimately an individual’s decision to drink or use drugs. It is also that individual’s decision to decide to get help for their problem. Individual’s desire to stop, the support of their family and utilizing the programs that are available to our tribal members can lead to a road of recovery.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

How wrong? Let me count the ways...

Criminal Charges (state and/or federal) against Appointed (Bear) council
1.Theft- Black Law’s definition: 1. The felonious taking and removing of another’s personal property with the intent of depriving the true owner of it; larceny. 2. Broadly, any act or instance of stealing, including larceny, burglary, embezzlement, and false pretenses.
2. Misappropriation- Black Law’s definition: the application of another’s property or money dishonestly to one’s own use.
3. Embezzlement- Black Law’s definition: The fraudulent taking of personal property with which one has been entrusted.
4. Criminal conspiracy- Black Law’s definition: In criminal law, conspiracy is a separate offense from the crime that is the object of the conspiracy.
5. Criminal trespass- Black Law’s definition: A trespass in which the trespasser remains on the property after being ordered off by a person authorized to do so.
6. Assault- Black Law’s definition: The threat or use of force on another that causes that person to have a reasonable apprehension of imminent harmful or offensive contact; the act of putting another person in reasonable fear or apprehension of an immediate battery by means of an act amounting to an attempt or threat to commit a battery.
Civil Litigation for damages against individual Appointed (Bear) council members
7. Conversion- Black Law’s definition: The wrongful possession or disposition of another’s property as if it were one’s own.
8. Conspiracy- Black Law’s definition: an agreement by two or more persons to commit an unlawful act.
9. Trespass- Black Law’s definition: An unlawful act committed against the person or property of another; especially wrongful entry on another’s real property.

Banks Receiving and Disbursing Appointed (Bear) Council Funds
10. Conversion of tribal funds
11. Conspiracy
12. Interference with business advantage
13. Breach of fiduciary duty
14. Breach of duty of due diligence in accepting and disbursing tribal funds, without elected council authority

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hey, my scanner is fixed.

What they did was wrong.

Please don't forget.

Give 'Em the Heave Ho

I was sort of hoping that Adrian and Jon would resign as soon as the new tribal council members were sworn in. Evidence of their wrongdoing will be revealed eventually, so they should leave the tribal council with some dignity and resign. Are they waiting to be kicked off the tribal council?

I'm glad they didn't get back on...

Homer Bear
Harvey Davenport

Special Election Nominees (2-year term)

Galene Johnson

General Election Nominees (4-year term)

Judith Bender
Donald Wanatee
Tony Waseskuk
Harvey Davenport
Dirk Whitebreast
Joann Youngbear
Homer Bear
Calvin Johnson

General and Special Election to be held Tuesday 20, 2009 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Clean house & Put up for referendum

Olson- good riddance
Rasmussen- good riddance
All other of the Tribe's attorneys
Jochum- good riddance
Tribal court- referendum
Tribal police- referendum
Gaming commissioners- good riddance
Most of the people at the tribal center
Jon- good riddance
Adrian- good riddance
Deron- good riddance

The Perils of Indifference

"Of course, indifference can be tempting -- more than that, seductive. It is so much easier to look away from victims. It is so much easier to avoid such rude interruptions to our work, our dreams, our hopes. It is, after all, awkward, troublesome, to be involved in another person's pain and despair. Yet, for the person who is indifferent, his or her neighbor are of no consequence. And, therefore, their lives are meaningless. Their hidden or even visible anguish is of no interest. Indifference reduces the other to an abstraction.

In a way, to be indifferent to that suffering is what makes the human being inhuman. Indifference, after all, is more dangerous than anger and hatred. Anger can at times be creative. One writes a great poem, a great symphony, one does something special for the sake of humanity because one is angry at the injustice that one witnesses. But indifference is never creative. Even hatred at times may elicit a response. You fight it. You denounce it. You disarm it. Indifference elicits no response. Indifference is not a response.

Indifference is not a beginning, it is an end. And, therefore, indifference is always the friend of the enemy, for it benefits the aggressor -- never his victim, whose pain is magnified when he or she feels forgotten. The political prisoner in his cell, the hungry children, the homeless refugees -- not to respond to their plight, not to relieve their solitude by offering them a spark of hope is to exile them from human memory. And in denying their humanity we betray our own."

Elie Wiesel


- Wayne, Eddie, Deron and Frank to resign from the tribal council. ***Oi! Lovely news all around*** It's a start to turn things around for the Tribe.
- Larry will resign if he receives six months severance pay. Bah, humbug
- The attorney general will recommend to the tribal council that Larry be rehired if the referendum results in his job termination. *Larry/Laurie referendum on July 16th*
No quorum for the tribal council in ages. Apparently everyone just mumbled "I'm going to resign" and then took off for a vacation. These people need to stop wasting the Tribe's time and officially resign.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wow! Alot happened while I was away on holiday.

1. Nominations/special election
2. A new tribal council member
3. Larry/Laurie petitions were passed
4. A referendum on whether Larry/Laurie should be terminated from their jobs in 20+ days

Donald Wanatee will be sworn in on the tribal council on July 2

Hey Phil Hogen, a little help...

The NIGC has jurisdiction to intervene under 25 U.S.C. section 2705(b) and 2706(a), which give the Chairman broad powers relating to Native American gaming. Section 2702 which sets forth the "purposes" for the gaming states the purposes are: "promoting tribal economic development, self-sufficiency, and strong tribal governments". Section 2710(B)(ii) states that the revenues from tribal gaming "are not to be used for purposes other than to provide for the general welfare of the Indian tribe and its members." There is no authority for the gaming revenues to be used or withheld to punish tribal members. Depriving tribal members of per capita payments will not "promote" "self-sufficiency" or further the "general welfare". The Tribal council is using this tactic to financially destroy the tribal members. WHY?!!! We request that NIGC must intervene to stop this illegal action against the percap payments.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Tribal codes should have been put to a referendum vote.

The tribal council could at least let us feel that we have some say in matters concerning the Tribe.

Come out, Come out

I had a little chat with the people who plan on running for the tribal council. I tried to convince them to come out and start talking to the community straight away. Let people know where they stand on issues and ask the tribal members what changes they want to see on the settlement. Apparently, they want to wait until the nominations…??? "It’s up to the people who they want on the tribal council." I tried to tell them that the tribal members would like someone to follow and support more than ever because of what’s going on here. I hope they reconsider and start putting up signs, handing out flyers and come out to talk to us.

*getting ready for the fall election

I tried to post the link to the Tribal codes, but the link is broken.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Notice my disdain for the past tribal councils?

We are desperately in need of a tribal council that is for the people.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tribal council can't stand themselves- threatens to throw themselves off of the tribal council.

A tribal council doesn't function well without the support of the tribal members. Forget about your bruised ego and pride. Step down. Tyranny doesn't work here on the settlement. Your reign over the Tribe is coming to an end and your departure is eagerly awaited. If, you want to self destruct.. go ahead just don't try to take the Tribe with you.

A little advice for the tribal council

-listen to the tribal members.
-provide documents to back up your claims that the Tribe is in financial trouble.
-hold referendums on all major decisions regarding the Tribe especially if it involves a lot of our money.
-honor the referendums
-disrespect the tribal members
-be so damn secretive. You're just drawing suspicion upon yourselves.
-point at charts as if this justifies your (bad) decisions.
-ignore us. We(not me) voted for you and thanks to us(not me) you're on the tribal council.
-insist that not revising the RAP is for our best interest. Revise the RAP. If doing so only allows for the distribution of $125. That's fine. At least people will know that you're not full of bs.

Keep us in the dark and we're left to imagine the worst

If, the tribal council hadn't gradually(getting bolder and bolder) lowered the percap down to $500 maybe I would believe the bollocks about the Tribe's financial woes. The tribal council saw that no one was going to stand up to them and they wanted to see just how far they could go. The percap stayed at $500 only because a lawsuit was filed against the Tribe. The tribal council didn't do anything else to cut down on the Tribe's expenses except make cuts that affected the tribal members. The Meskwaki people are obviously not the tribal council's first priority!

What the tribal council learned from the nine tribal members whose percap has been successfully withheld for 4 years: no percap, no resources to hire a lawyer, no resistance, no unforeseen problems from the tribal members. The tribal council cut our percap so that we would be a defeated people and then they would be able to accomplish whatever they wanted without any interference from us. What were they planning on doing?


I would like to take the time to welcome the tribal council members to the world of politics. Yes, your past will be dredged up, your every action scrutinized and your words will be brought back to haunt you. Take this into consideration before being sworn in on the tribal council. This isn't the Meskwaki nation newsletter nor am I on your payroll. *freedom of speech*

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm not going to apologize for not being able to muster up any respect for some tribal members.

Wanted: a tribal council that is worthy of respect, trust and support.

Audit shows embezzling- go after anyone who stole $$$ from the Tribe.

The chief appointed tribal council(Bear council) WON. They won the recognition of the BIA and they were finally known as the elected tribal council. That should have put an end to the turmoil and tribal members should have been free to resume their lives. Instead the elected Bear tribal council chose to make an example of the tribal members they couldn't control. Accusing that these tribal members possessed tribal property that exceeds $788,000 in value. The Bear council didn't specify what tribal property, or if they stole 788,00, or whether the $788,000 was in fact missing! These tribal members were fined $1,000 dollars a day and the fines amount to $365,000 per year. *The tribal council never obtained a tribal court judgment against these tribal members not receiving their percap.
The tribal council's lawyers say that the tribal members percap is being held in ESCROW and they will be given back their percap once they return all tribal property.
The current tribal council continues to hold this grudge against these "dissident" tribal members.
Give them back their percap and lift the bans from the casino. OR, the Meskwaki people can ask that the members on the chief appointed tribal council return all tribal property (MONEY) they stole from the Tribe. Take away THEIR percap and ban them from the casino until they return the $25 million dollars they stole from the Tribe to fund their political campaign. just a thought...

* Hey, the tribal council dragged the 2003 takeover into 2009 NOT the tribal members.

***Only 4 people of the 9 people not receiving their percap were on the Walker council. The tribal council withholding the percap of the other 5 tribal members just shows that the tribal council wanted to financial destroy their political opponents. I would also like to point out that the tribal council never produced any evidence that $778,000 or $779,000 was missing. There was never any record of any police investigation, or a Department of Interior investigation. The Department of Interior has a copy of the audit and they indicated that the audit showed that nothing was wrong. The lack of federal action on the audit undermines the tribal council's allegation of "missing money."

If, my true colors show that I am against people stealing from the Tribe. Great! I would like the new tribal council to conduct a forensic audit(very detailed) as opposed to the basic general audit. I want EVIDENCE to support the wrongdoings of any individual whether they were on a Tribal council, or an employee of the Tribe. Any wrongdoings that are found... I would like the Meskwaki people to be a involved in deciding what to do with them. As for my so called defense for the Walker council?? The Meskwaki nation newsletter wrote about the 2003 takeover from the chief appointed council's(Bear council) viewpoint. I just wanted people to have a glimpse from the other side of the takeover. I'll defend ONE person from the Walker council and I will not defend anyone from the Bear council. They just used the Walker council/takeover as an excuse to steal money from the Tribe and then covered up their crimes when the BIA recognized them as the elected tribal council in Nov. 2003. It was the perfect crime because I heard that only $13 million of the $21+ million has been accounted for... $1-2 million for every member of the chief appointed council? I believe what happened in 2003 was the start of the Tribe's financial problems. The Tribe never recovered from that mess and now we're feeling the after-effects of those selfish _______.

IGRA Criminal Penalties

18 USC Sec. 1167

Sec. 1167. Theft from gaming establishments on Indian lands
(a) Whoever abstracts, purloins, willfully misapplies, or takes and carries away with intent to steal, any money, funds, or other property of a value of $1,000 or less belonging to an establishment operated by or for or licensed by an Indian tribe pursuant to an ordinance or resolution approved by the National Indian Gaming Commission shall be fined under this title or be imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.
(b) Whoever abstracts, purloins, willfully misapplies, or takes and carries away with intent to steal, any money, funds, or other property of a value in excess of $1,000 belonging to a gaming establishment operated by or for or licensed by an Indian tribe pursuant to an ordinance or resolution approved by the National Indian Gaming Commission shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for not more than ten years, or both.
(Added Pub. L. 100-497, Sec. 23, Oct. 17, 1988, 102 Stat. 2487; amended Pub. L. 103-322, title XXXIII, Sec. 330016(1)(S), (U), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)
1994 - Subsec. (a). Pub. L. 103-322, Sec. 330016(1)(S), substituted ''fined under this title'' for ''fined not more than $100,000''.
Subsec. (b). Pub. L. 103-322, Sec. 330016(1)(U), substituted ''fined under this title'' for ''fined not more than $250,000''

18 USC Sec. 1168

Sec. 1168. Theft by officers or employees of gaming establishments on Indian lands
(a) Whoever, being an officer, employee, or individual licensee of a gaming establishment operated by or for or licensed by an Indian tribe pursuant to an ordinance or resolution approved by the National Indian Gaming Commission, embezzles, abstracts, purloins, willfully misapplies, or takes and carries away with intent to steal, any moneys, funds, assets, or other property of such establishment of a value of $1,000 or less shall be fined not more than $250,000 or imprisoned not more than five years, or both;
(b) Whoever, being an officer, employee, or individual licensee of a gaming establishment operated by or for or licensed by an Indian tribe pursuant to an ordinance or resolution approved by the National Indian Gaming Commission, embezzles, abstracts, purloins, willfully misapplies, or takes and carries away with intent to steal, any moneys, funds, assets, or other property of such establishment of a value in excess of $1,000 shall be fined not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned for not more than twenty years, or both.
(Added Pub. L. 100-497, Sec. 23, Oct. 17, 1988, 102 Stat. 2487; amended Pub. L. 101-647, title XXXV, Sec. 3537, Nov. 29, 1990, 104 Stat. 4925.)
1990 - Subsec. (a). Pub. L. 101-647 substituted ''or imprisoned'' for ''and be imprisoned for''

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tribe must cease and desist lowering monthly per capita payments- has violated, and is violating IGRA U.S.C. 2710

The regulatory framework governing the Tribe's revenue allocation plan and per capita payments requires a revision or amendment to the RAP prior to changes in individual per capita payments, as for example reducing those per capita payments from $2,000 per month to $500 per month. The RAP, federal law, and tribal law, also do not authorize the tribal council to make different per capita payments to tribal members. Since the Tribe did not submit a revision or amendment of its RAP prior to changing per capita payments- and neither federal nor tribal law can exceed the RAP- the Tribe is in violation of the law in making different per capita payments to tribal members. The Tribe must revise or amend its RAP or it must discontinue its policies of different per capita payments to tribal members.

At the last financial meeting the tribal council told the people that they were lucky to be getting $500 instead of $125- the amount we would be getting if they revised the Tribe's RAP.

Ugh. Takeover 2003. I know your eyes are probably starting to glaze over at the mention of 2003 takeover.

Relax. I'm not trying to get anybody in trouble. I was tired of rolling my eyes whenever I heard a shrill voice bring up "what the Walker council did to us(Tribe)." I pieced together all this info about the other side of the 2003 takeover so that people can draw their own conclusions about what happened.
I was under the impression that the sole reason for the takeover was to get the Walker council to honor the recall petitions and to call a special election. Which the Walker council finally did, but the chief appointed council snubbed them. After this, the chief appointed council lost all credibility especially when they took all that money from the casino and spent it. I was disappointed in both councils for not putting aside their differences to prevent our casino from being shut down.

Just when I thought I was out... they pulled me back(into politics)

Does anyone else feel this way? The somewhat peaceful existence of the Meskwakis has been disrupted yet again. (sigh) I have been forced to put aside my hesitancy to get involved in tribal politics and I'm sure there are others who feel the same. At the present time, our situation may seem bleak, but it is temporary. Don't give up hope! There are people going around with petitions, and others who trying to gather enough people for a quorum. The Tribe will finally (November 2009) have a decent tribal council. A decent tribal council whose sole concern will be that of the people's well-being. A decent tribal council that will heed the will of the people and once again secure financial stability for the tribal members.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I hear tribal council hopefuls will start campaigning soon.

Da dum. You would never guess who's running.

What's going on in Meskwaki land?

Oh, loathed tribal council. What will become of you?

Tribal council, you still have time to make amends to the Meskwaki people. A lot of people are hurting in case you haven't noticed. I must bring this to your attention because there has been talk of retribution. Payback, vengeance, justice... call it what you will. There are some tribal members who believe that you should be held accountable for the mistreatment of the Meskwakis. Although, most people just want to put all this unpleasantness behind the Tribe, and a few who are undecided. Who knows? The new tribal council may take matters into their own hands and come up with a suitable punishment. To give you an idea of this I have drawn up a chart.

It didn't work for me (for my amusement)

So, my clone and I went over to Home Federal Bank. As appointed tribal chairman and appointed tribal treasurer, we attempted to withdraw $400,00 in cash. I waved around my tribal id to emphasize my tribal chairman-ness. We were told to wait and they made a few phone calls. Five minutes later the elected tribal chairman and elected tribal treasurer walked in. Awkward. I coughed and mumbled to the bank manager that it is an internal tribal matter and to give me the money! I was then told to leave the premises and I in return told the bank manager that they were setting themselves up for a major lawsuit for doling out enormous amounts of money to anyone posing as representatives of the Meskwaki Tribe. No, we(indians) don't look all alike. That's racist.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Move Over Scenario continued (for my amusement)

Moving on after the seven tribal council members agreed to resign.
Tribal Members: Seven individuals please step forward as temporary tribal council until the election in November.
The seven individuals are...

Move Over Scenario (for my amusement)

Surprisingly, 1,000 tribal members showed up at the general meeting. The tribal chambers was at full capacity, so the meeting was moved to the gym. The tribal council tried to slink away, but they were forced to face their victims.

Tribal Members: We ask for the resignation of Adrian Pushetonequa, Wayne Pushetonequa, Frank Blackcloud, Deron Ward, Eddie Kapayou, Keith Davenport and Jon Papakee. Resignation is to be effective immediately
The tribal council stares at us with their cow eyes and cross their arms defensively.
Tribal members: We are unhappy with the tribal council's performance.
A tribal council member runs out of the meeting, clippety-clop...
Tribal Members: It's the sensible thing.
Tribal council member 1: Is this just about the money?
Tribal council member 2: (sputters) You're just a bunch of cynics!
Tribal Members: The Meskwaki people are not asking for retribution at this time. It would be in your best interest if you take our offer.
The tribal council sits in stoic silence.
Tribal council member 1: Uh we would like to discuss this further. Maybe if you all go home and sleep on it.
Tribal council member 2: Call Olson
Tribal Members: Don't fight this. Just walk away. Weren't you aware that lawyers are only in it for the money. The Tribe won't be able to afford your lawyers services unless they cut the percap completely.
Tribal council member 3: You mean he only pretended to be my friend because of my (clears throat) the Tribe's money?
Tribal Members: Yes
Tribal council member 4: Moo?
The tribal council member who ran out swaggers back in with Steve Olson trailing behind him.
SO: My clients don't need to be subjected to this abuse.
Tribal Members: We were your clients. We will no longer be requiring your services.
SO: I have a contract with the Tribe.
Tribal Members: The members of this Tribe are concerned that your actions taken during the 2003 takeover may have rendered any contracts with the Meskwaki Tribe null and void. Besides, why would you want to stick around and endure the wrath of natives who don't like to be taken advantage of? You are banned from the Meskwaki settlement. The tribal police have orders to take you off the Meskwaki settlement. Buh-bye.

Larry, Laurie petitions- 230+ signatures.

I just received a text- On Thursday petitions were passed by the tribal council and a referendum will be held in 28 days.

Keith Davenport refuses to resign.

Allegedly, sexual harassment is the reason why Larry and others are trying to get Keith off of the tribal council.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm going to stop b*tching and go see my lawyer acquaintance.

The Meskwaki people have to band together to save the Tribe. The tribal council has shot down any attempt to stop them from what they're doing to the Tribe. The election committee blocked Troy's petitions. The tribal council didn't honor the referendum and the tribal court dismissed Calvin's lawsuit. Surely there must be something else to be done.


The tribal council abandoned the Meskwaki people around the time they decided to intentionally hurt and humiliate the Meskwaki people. The tribal council stands with their lawyers. The Tribal council only takes care of themselves, their lawyers and others who are of use to them. We sought out the tribal council for answers and help. In return, we were told lies and no help was given. The Meskwaki people stand alone. Somebody needs to tell the tribal council that the lawyers are only here for the money and that the Meskwaki people will always be around. Let it be declared! THE MESKWAKI PEOPLE HAS NO TRIBAL COUNCIL. The Meskwaki people have been forced to appoint a new tribal council.

Tribal council look what you have done.

1. Many had to go on food stamps
2. Propane tanks were taken away
3. Electricity was shut off.
4. Cars were repossessed
5. Many can't afford house insurance and half was taken out of their percap payment.
6. Phone services were shut off.
7. People were forced to go to the food pantry
8. Bad credit
9. Percap was cut
10. Told lie after lie
11. The tribe's money was spent without the consent of the people.

No hard feelings

Tribal council it's not you it's me. You are not the tribal council that I believed you to be. Sure, I had doubts about you in the beginning, but now I am convinced you are no good and must resign. I don't like you that way...


The elders from long ago had foreseen the ruin of the Tribe by Abetaisiaki.

Abetasiaki- half white

* Larry

I talked to some elders and this is is the info I gathered from them.

Meskwaki Elders Foresaw Tribe's Anguish

The Meskwaki people were warned to be aware of this group. Waniska nebwakaki those were the words the elders used to describe this group of people.
Waniska nebwakaki- means something along the lines of their intentions are no good. (hard to translate to English)

*Former and current tribal council

Amazing the information you can get just by talking to the Meskwaki elders. I suggest you bring frybread or a pie to thank them for their time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GOOD/ TRIBAL COUNCIL MATERIAL LIST (please feel free to add names)

Article X- Powers of the Tribal Council

(b) To employ counsel for the protection and advancement of the rights of the Tribe and its members, the choice of counsel and fixing of fees to be subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior.

Tribal council uses the Tribe's money to pay for their lawyers. Tribal council uses the lawyers AGAINST the tribal members. Tribal council employs these lawyers to get away with what they're doing to the Tribe. No good.

Children's trust funds. Could this be the next thing the tribal council takes from the Meskwaki people?

I can just see it now in the Meskwaki nation newsletter. Tribal council has been forced to revoke children's trust funds due to overspending and embezzlement. The tribal council has decided to invest the money from the now defunct children's trust funds to stave off absolute poverty. Any questions regarding this matter will be directed to the tribal council's publicist.

Should the tribal council have the power to revoke a child's trust fund and enforce the return of the trust fund to the tribe?

Children Trust Fund- Death of a child
When a child dies, the money they are entitled to for a Children Trust Fund account will go to whoever inherits their estate (along with any assets belonging to the child). This is the child's personal representative, usually the child's parents- but could be the husband or wife if the young person was married. The money would then belong to the parent or spouse and he or she will need to declare it as part of their assets.

*This seems more appropriate.

Why were the children's trust funds discussed at length at the bank meeting? with a fair amount of drooling I might add.

For those who weren't there at the meeting. While on the topic of the children's trust funds, there was way too much interest shown. "You can't just let all that money(children's trust funds) sit there." Eyes lit up and they were practically giddy of the possibility of embezzling from the children's trust funds. I think non-Meskwaki people have caught on how easy it is to screw over the Tribe. The tribal council wants to get rid of the Tribe's money and people are oh so eager to take it. The children's trust fund should be monitered more closely because I believe fraud has been committed.

Which tribal council revoked several children's trust funds and divvied up the money among themselves? Low.

Oh, just buck off already. Resign!

I can longer feign indifference for the way the tribal council is treating the Meskwaki people. I hope the mighty, mighty tribal council is having a jolly good time while us mere tribal members are left to wait out the months until the election rolls around. I'm sure the tribal council is drunk with power they have over the Tribe. They've almost succeeded in taking everything away. The staggering amount of money squadered by past and present tribal councils is cause for alarm. Take a look at the tribal council minutes. Money was thrown away as if it were a burden. Is a destitute tribe an ideal tribe? Stuff that really makes me dislike the tribal council(not as individuals but as a council) I don't like how they're not listening the people. They're developing codes to shut out the people and their rights are being violated. They lie and scheme with their lawyers. These individuals are not fit to be on the tribal council. They obviously have a hidden agenda. Is the tribal council so blind to see how their decisions are affecting the tribe or do they just not care?

There should be an audit done on the casino

Detailed quarterly financial reports should go out the Meskwaki people about how much money the casino is making. Why is this information being witheld from the people? The Meskwaki people are not benefiting from the casino. Who is?

Tribal council and their followers
Tribal council's lawyers
Money being pilfered into foreign bank accounts

The law!

"First he robbed everybody, taking for himself all the land and all the wealth that belonged to the people-converted it all to his own use-killed all those who resisted him, and then wrote laws forbidding men to rob and kill. He should have made the laws first." Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy

If, certain people and the tribal council want the Meskwaki people to have NOTHING then the Tribe should pay for the basics:

Electricity bill
Gas bill
Hand out daily food rations (loaf of bread per household and a sack of potatoes)

Sorry, folks. There will be no percap payments in this ideal future for the Tribe.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Will people listen and follow if you're a religious person? Will they believe in whatever you say? Is this power?

That scares me like Reverand Henry Kane from the Poltergeist movies.

I, Jessrabbit, am a traditional(jackass) person. I've been told that I'm a jackass, but that I'm not a traditional person. (really) that was during 03' takeover. Besides what is a traditional person? Does attending clan doings make a person more traditional than those who don't? I refuse to attend clan doings because I don't respect nor do I care for the person that heads my clan.

May 11, 2009 Dear Meskwaki Tribal Members, (for my amusement)

We are writing to inform you that we have been appointed by Chief Jessrabbit of the Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa to serve as the Tribal Council. Chief Jessrabbit took this action after hearing the concerns of tribal members who believe that the elected Tribal Council has failed to meet its responsibilities under the Tribal Constitution.
As you know, the elected Tribal Council was presented with petitions requesting a recall election. Although the petitions were signed by more than the number of people required by the Tribal Constitution, the elcted tribal council has decided no to abide by the Constitution and has refused to schedule the recall elections. This refusal defies the will of the people and in the petitions that were submitted. Since then, even administrative verification, the petitions were declared null and void without merit by the former council.
We have no just Tribal court that can require the Tribal council to hold an election.
The Minneapolis Bureau of Indian Affairs has said that the Tribe should work out this problem internally. So the Tribe is faced with the question of what to do when elected tribal officials fail to meet their responsibilities, and defy the will of the people and the Tribal Constitution.
We believe that the only way to resolve this problem is to look at the Tribe's traditional ways. After much prayer and deliberation, our Jessrabbit Chieft concluded that, if the elected Tribal council was going to act lawlessly, refuse to do its duties, and refuse to subject itself to a vote of the people, then shed had to step forward in order to restore a responsible tribal government and bring peace to the Tribe.
The Chief Jessrabbit has chosen us to assume these responsibilities.
To further her decision she has appointed members of the Tribe to take over the duties of the Tribal council and work toward amending and updating the Tribal Constitution. From this, we will make it out goal to achieve what has prescribed.
The Tribe has established a tradition of democracy since it adopted its Constitution in 1937. It is unfortunate when elected officials choose to disrespect our Constitution. Had they followed their sworn oaths to office, none of this would have been necessary. But the council broke the law, and now our Jessrabbit leader has asked us to restore the tribal government. Therefore, we ask for your recognition and support. We also ask that you set aside your personal feelings about the Chief's selections. By working together, we can all make sure from on that the tribal governments serves the people, so that your voices are heard and acknowledged. Through your support we will also conduct an audit of how our tribal moneny is being spent. Together, we must all ensure that Tribal councils now and in the future are held accountable for their actions.

* chiefs rarely hold leadership positions in their own tribes.
Chief Jessrabbit appointed tribal council:
Jessica Rabbit- Me
Jessica Rabbit 2- clone
First Name Last Name- (comes from a big family- VOTES)
First Name Last Name- (sucker)
First Name Last Name- (VOTES)
First Name Last Name- (VOTES)
First Name Last Name- (sucker)

Petitions- Keep it SIMPLE

We, the undersigned, enrolled members of the Sac & Fox Tribe of the Mississippi in Iowa, do hereby petition the Sac & Fox Tribal Council to call a special election under Article XII, Section 1 of the Constitution and Bylaws- REFERENDUM AND RECALL, For the removal of _________ from the Sac & Fox Tribal Council for *______________.

* gross misconduct or malfeasance

There's a petition going around to fire Larry Lasley.

Tribe's Financial and Compliance Report 2001-2007

Sunday, May 3, 2009

These signs were put up on the settlement but were later torn down

TRIBE HAS $177,000,000 +



Keep these lawyers far, far away from Meskwaki Land. Banish him.

1. Steven Olson
2. Jeff Rasmussen

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This Constitution and By-Laws, when ratified by a majority of the adult members of the Sac & Fox Tribe in Iowa, voting at special called for the purpose by the Secretary of the Interior, provided at least thirty percent of those entitled to vote shall vote in such election, shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Interior, and if approved , shall be effective from the date of approval.


This Constitution and By-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the adult members of the Sac & Fox Tribe in Iowa voting at an election called for the purpose by the Secretary of the Interior , provided at least thirty percent of those entitled to vote shall vote in such election; but no amendment shall become effective until it shall have been approved by the Secretary of the Interior. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Interior to call an election on any proposed amendment, upon receipt of a written resolution of the Tribal Council and signed by at least five members of the Tribal Council.

Are you aware that the Tribe's Constitution is riddled with bogus bylaws?

Any admendments made were never submitted to the Secretary of the Interior and they haven't been voted on by the tribal members. Thus they were never approved by the Secretary of the Interior. The Tribe's Constitution is still the same version from 1937.

So, this means that the tribal council has to give the people back their $2,000 percap because that is the result of the referendum.

This better be a rumor

THERE WILL NO ELECTION FALL 09'. It has been decided that it would be for the best interest of the Tribe, if the tribal council remain the same.

It is my intent to make the Meskwaki Tattle as venomous and slanted as the Meskwaki Nation newsletter. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just give them back their percap

1. Roberta Hale
2. Leo Dean Peters?
3. Elisabeth Roberts
4. Aaron Walker
5. Alex Walker
6. Lyle Walker
7. Donald Wanatee
8. Frank Wanatee
9. Priscilla Wanatee

They haven't received their percap since 05'. I believe they are still being fined an excessive $1,000 a day for not showing up to their hearings. They are believed to have information pertaining to the $400,000-$700,000 that was unaccounted for during the 03' takeover?! BS. June 24, 2003 two tribal members(not mentioned on the list above) withdrew $400,000 in cash from the Home Federal Bank. Date, names, signatures, and the amount they withdrew. I have this information and I will upload it soon. My scanner is on the blink.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stumbled upon old papers. Is it 2009 or 2003? Creepy.


The elected tribal council betrayed our trust. Their arrogance blinded them. They ignored the concerns of the people and set themselves up to be rulers , rather than representatives. They ignored the will of the people and refused to honor recall petitions. They have rejected our proposal to have an election. They have ignored the will of the people.

Does the tribe no longer have a RAP?

290.7 Must an indian tribe have a tribal revenue allocation plan if it is not making per capita payments?
No, if you do not make per capita payments, you do not need to submit a tribal revenue allocation plan.

Is the tribal council going to cut the people off completely? I believe they were going to until Calvin Johnson filed a lawsuit against the tribe about the percap last year. Don't bother getting your hopes up the lawsuit was dismissed.

Tribal council is hiding behind 290.9 How may a tribe use net gaming revenues if it does not have an approved tribal revenue allocation plan?

Without an approved tribal revenue allocation plan, you may use net gaming revenues to fund tribal government operations or programs; to provide for the general welfare of the tribe and its members; to promote tribal economic development; to donate to charitable organizations; or to help fund operations of local government agencies.

We need a tribal council who wants the tribal members to have percap.

Too much to aspire for?

The reality is we need to money to survive nowadays. Is it wrong to want the Meskwaki people to be taken care of and have a good life? Yes, this can be accomplished with education and jobs, but who are the tribal council to tell people what to do with their lives? The casino's profits can provide well for the people as it has been until the tribal council unnecessarily cut the percap. I don't care if people sit on their arse all day just as long as they're OK while they're doing it. OK as in money for food, bills paid, civil rights intact, a home.

Favorite quotes from the tribal chairman

1. "Money, money, money."
2. "You're living way beyond your means."
3. "Go back to school, the tribe will pay for it."
4. "Get a job."
5. We're losing what is means to be a Meskwaki."
6. "We can have a community garden." We're cutting the percap and you will starve! followed by an evil cackle. I swear I could see green money signs in his eyes.

Get off my back and stop telling me how to live my life...

What is the "no good plan" or one member's vision for the tribe and being carried out by the current tribal council

1. Tribal court- to send fellow tribal members to prison
2. Tribal police- to make sure nobody can do what they did in 03' takeover
3. Take away the percap from tribal members who have gone against them
4. Disenrollment- there's a list
5. Tribal bank- Tribal members won't know the true state of the tribe's finances.
6. Decrease percap to no more percap. Zero.
7. Out of state tribal members are slowly losing their tribal membership rights. Will they eventually be disenrolled?

Was cutting the percap a way to rein the people in? Are certain leaders hoping that if their "no good plan" is carried out successfully, the people will come flocking back to the clan houses? Is this really all about power, influence, and greed? You know some people are funny that way; they don't like OTHER people to have anything.

I wonder why they don't just get a dog to lord over and kick around. A certain breed of dog can provide great companionship and they will unconditionally love their masters. Dogs are loyal to their masters unlike the tribal members who no longer support you.

Friday, April 24, 2009

$400,000 is quite the popular amount to steal

A just tribal court?

Who else is annoyed that this situation has gone on as long as it has? Our one disadvantage is a lack of resources. Who has tens of thousands to retain legal counsel we need to get rid of the tribal council . Petitions will only be rejected or deemed invalid. Since the tribal court and tribal police have been established- a takeover is no longer an option. That is, unless you're willing to do jail time. I have gone over the pros and cons of a tribal court. It is definitely a Nay to a tribal court. What justice can be had when who had the ultimate say in hiring you. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to make waves in this recession.

Tribal council hangs disenrollment over our heads

It encourages us to cower, obey and never question the "knows what's best for you" tribal council. That bit about disenrollment in the Meskwaki Nation Times May 23, 2008. It was posted just before the first percap cut in June 08'. It was not a subtle act of intimidation. I suspect the the tribal council was expecting more of an uproar from the tribe. What kind of tribal council does that to their people? Disenrollment is clearly a referendum issue. I'm not in favor of disenrollment.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The tribe's audit is being passed around

I'm off to pick it up at an undisclosed location. Kidding. Anyone could have requested this information from the Freedom of Information Act. I'll upload it soon.

Now is the time to start campaigning, if you're going to run for tribal council

Who's brave enough to run for tribal council? I'm eager to see who comes out of the woodwork. The tribe is more than ready for a new tribal council. I must stress that the new tribal council members must completely take over the tribal council once they get on. I don't know where Eddie and Jon stand. Did they actively help carry out the "no good plan" or were they just mere seat fillers. The "no good plan" or one tribal member's vision for the tribe was devised by a former tribal council chairman who is having a hard time getting back on the tribal council. I wonder why...

I've grown wise to the all the tricks you played on me...

I hope that the tribal council and election committee aren't going to pull any funny stuff at this Fall 09' nominations/election. Remember the nominations in 2007? I can't give credit to the tribal council for that. Ingenious. Lawyers, that was admirable, really. $$$Wanted it$$$ I should have know something was up when people started lugging in their children and inflatable donut cushions. Of course! They were settling in for a lengthy nominations. I guess this time we have to make sure the nominations don't go past midnight this time.

Partial Fantasy Tribal Council 2009

Chairman: preferably someone who was not on a tribal council dubbed Bear... and some of the people on the Walker council.
Vice Chairman: see Chairman
Treasurer: see Vice Chairman
Secretary: see Treasurer
Member: Eddie Kapayou Jr.
Member: Jon Papakee
Member: Adrian Pushentonequa

Tribal Council Members Who Are Out Fall 09'

1. Frank Blackcloud
2. Deron Ward
3. Wayne Pushetonequa
4. Keith Davenport

Dear Current Tribal Council,

May you never get on the Tribal Council again. Ever.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Frankly, I'm not surprised.

Someone peeped and claimed that Ryan Roberts didn't act alone. Ryan Roberts was sentenced to 1o years in prison for stealing $480,000 from the Meskwaki Casino. The question is: Who is Ryan covering for?

Any lawyer interested in taking on a pro bono case?

Contact me. I've really had enough of our tribe's (bad word).

I'm going to catch a lot of flack for this but it's really time to make things right

Meskwaki women's children should be enrolled too. Why not? There's a lack of equality going on here. Change? Yes, please.

Gotta get that money from those stupid indians. teehee

It has been confirmed that the Meskwaki tribal council's current lawyer did represent the Lower Sioux Tribe when their $7,500 percap was cut down to $3,500.

What recession? I want to work at the tribal center when I'm grow up.

Truth or rumor? Which three individuals have given themselves a raise.? These three are now reportedly receiving a $2,000 weekly paycheck. I'll give you a hint and their initials. They currently work at the tribal center. Their initials. L.L., R.W. and L.S. I suppose they better get stack as much money while they can.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't you want to be able to walk amongst your people?

when you're no longer on the tribal council. A question I will always ask myself when I'm on the tribal council.

I'm conflicted

To disenroll or not to disenroll. The tribe could do without troublemakers, but the settlement is the home to Meskwaki tribal members. I'm leaning towards the latter. I just wish people would behave.

Meskwaki Elder Food Pantry

Are you 55 and older? Are you short on food? If so, please come to the Senior Center to obtain a supply of food items. Elderly Food Pantry is open on Tuesday and Thursday of each week from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The tribal council has done this to our elders. Did you know that with a different tribal council this all wouldn’t be happening.

High School Expansion- FF & E Bids

Jerry Stephens and Jill Herink presented the bids for FF & E for the High School expansion project. Jerry Stephens went through each of the eight bid packages with the council. All bid package purchases will be by purchase order. There will be more bid packages forthcoming to include; software, science equipment, library, copiers, kitchen and the shops. Discussion on BIPS and School Specialties quotes for furniture. Discussion on sending out the bid process for other suppliers or to get even lower prices from those that have bid already. Larry Lasley and Lucas Smith both referred to the Property and Procurement Policy. Lucas Smith stated that copies of the policy have been provided to Jerry Stephens. Wayne Pushetonequa requested a room by room list equipment needed for the Tribal Council to look over.
Motion made by Frank Black Cloud to approve the following FF & E high school bid packages; #2AV Equipment, #3 Server and Network, #4 Computers, and #7 B&G/Cust/ Trans/Maint. Which includes the walk off mats, for a total of $575,895.18. Second by Keith Davenport. Vote:5 yes, 0 no. Motion carried.

It’s a shame. The students that attend the high school should be getting the equivalent of a private school education. Unfortunately, they are getting just the opposite. A poor standard of education in a fancy new building.

It also happened to the Lower Sioux Tribe in Morton, MN

I guess their percap payments were reduced from twice monthly payments totaling $7,000 to just one payment of $3,500. The tribal members didn't stand for that and they got rid of the tribal council so fast. The tribal members also got rid of the lawyers who were representing the tribe, er tribal council. I guess that's the only way we're going to get our percap back on the settlement. Who's up for it?
The rumor is the lawyer who was representing the Lower Sioux tribe was run out of the reservation and banned indefinitely. Rumor is (gasp) that lawyer is now representing the Meskwaki tribe.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A little rumor floating around...

Two tribal council members are being excluded from meetings. Who are they? Why are the meetings so hush hush?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Things new tribal council must do in Fall of 09'

1. Get new legal representation. Bye lawyers, you caused enough trouble and took enough of our money.
2. Raise percap back to $2,000. I'm also in favor of back pay from 6/08. For the hard times that we've been put through and the fact that we have been lied to.
3. Give percap back to the people whose percap was witheld from them since 04' plus back pay.
4. Fire some people who have been there too long. Investigate them.
5. Conduct a forensic audit going back to 96'.
6. Scrap plans for bank. The majority of the tribe says NO!
7. Cease all unecessary projects.
8. Let the people own their houses.
9. Build houses for women.
10. Tribe's constitution needs to be revised.
11. Tribal court... yay or nay?
12. More of the casino's profits need to go to the tribal members. Let them add more money to the savings account. Just in case.
13. Get more funding from the state. It's a way of making the government honor the treaties.
14. I'm worried about the children's trust funds. Investigate?
15. Need to hire more natives from our tribe.
16. Pow-wow needs to go a budget.
17. Free turkeys for every household on Thanksgiving or was it Christmas?

Why does the tribal police get new vehicles while the tribal members' get repossessed?
Should those on the tribal council receive a salary? It's lot of responsibility and it will give them less reason to embezzle.

Tribal Council is incapable of any wrong...

The IGRA priorities the funding of tribal governmental programs & services, and the promotion of economic development over per capita distributions. It is the hope of tribal leaders that members of the Tribe will inform themselves of these federal requirements in order to effectively resolve these internal matters.

Why hasn't a revised RAP been submitted for review and approval?

Allegedly, the last revenue allocation plan the tribe filed was in 2004. That's when tribal members were receiving $1,800, but they haven't filed new revenue allocation plans for the payment reductions of $900 and $500. That's also the year, 2004, when the the acting tribal council started to withold the percap payment of some tribal members.

290.20 When will the ABO disapprove a tribal revenue allocation plan?

The ABO will not approve any tribal allocation plan for distribution of net gaming revenues from a tribal gaming activity if:

(a) The tribal revenue allocation plan in inadequate, particularly with respect to the requirements in 290. 12 and IGRA, and if you fail to bring it into compliance;

(b) The tribal revenue allocation plan is not adopted in accordance with applicable tribal law;

(c) The tribal revenue allocation plan does not include a reasonable justification for limiting per capita payments to certain groups or members; or

(d) The tribal revenue allocation plan violates the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1698, any other provision of Federal Law , or the United States ' trust obligations.

290.24 Do revisions/amendments to a tribal revenue allocation plan require approval?

Yes, revisions/amendments to a tribal revenue allocation plan must be submitted to ABO for approval to ensure that they comply with 290.12 and IGRA.

290.10 Is an Indian Tribe in violation of IGRA it it makes per capita payments to its members from net gaming revenues without an approved tribal RAP?

Yes, you are in violation of IGRA if you make per capita payments to your tribal members from net gaming revenue without an approved tribal revenue allocation plan. If, you refuse to comply DOJ or NIGC may enforce the per capita requirements of IGRA.

290.9 How may an Indian tribe use net gaming if it does not have an approved tribal revenue allocation plan?

Without an approved tribal revenue allocation plan , you may use net gaming revenues to fund tribal government operations of programs; to provide for the general welfare of your tribe and its members; to promote tribal economic development; to donate to charitable organizations; or to help fund operations of local government agencies.

290.8 Do Indian Tribes have to make per capita payments from net gaming revenues to tribal members?

No. You do not have to make per capita payments.

Tribal Revenue Allocation Plans

Hmm this guy has a point

Central Iowa's Daily Newspaper

Your View
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Why are rights being undermined?Gordon Miles-Davenport, Mililani, Hawaii
POSTED: March 26, 2009
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Email: "Why are rights being undermined?"

I am writing to voice concern over the recent happenings at the Meskwaki Settlement. As most may know, the tribal members met Feb. 27 and successfully passed a referendum. At a meeting Mar. 12 the tribal council overturned this referendum using a clause from the tribal constitution that doesn't apply to usage.
Regardless of the question posed by the referendum, this decision should alarm and certainly provide pause for thought to tribal members. Essentially and in reality, this action by the council attempts to negate any and all citizens' right for redress. In other words, "we know what is best." Referendum/recall is injected into many state constitutions and the charters of numerous municipalities. It is placed there to allow common citizens the ultimate say/voice in a direct legislative election process. For any government to reject any constitutionally allowed referendum shows arrogance and disregard to their constituency, not to mention the law.
The real questions are: Why would any constitution hold a clause such as referendum/recall if the elected officials can arbitrarily overturn the same? Answer: not possible. Unless stated otherwise, a referendum is binding. Simple.
Who thought up this crazy idea of using another clause from the same constitution to undermine the citizen's rights? Answer: I know that not all councilmen were part of this action. Ultimately, this action lies in the hands of a few. I suggest that tribal members seek to find out who the responsible party is and fire him. Do not allow "outsiders" or politically "unelectable" individuals to run roughshod over your rights. Do not risk that which is more important than money, your right to voice a concern, to elect, to accept or reject any action taken by your leaders.
As I said earlier, no matter the question on the referendum, this is about your rights. Do what you must to retain them, or they will be gone.

Threatened much?

Title 10. Enrollment.
Article VI

Chapter 1. In General
Sec. 10-6101. Grounds for Disenrollment

Any of the following may constitute grounds for disenrollment:

(a) A person found guilty by a court of law:
(1) Murder
(2) Rape
(3) Incest
(4) More than one conviction for drug trafficking, manufacturing, or distribution.
(5) Treason against the Tribe or the United States

(b) A person was enrolled through error or fraud.

(c) A tribal member has resided away from the Meskwaki Settlement for a period of ten (10) years, and has not within that time signified to the tribal council his desire to continue Tribal Membership.

(d) A tribal member who is disenrolled for grounds stated in subsection (a) cannot be reenrolled unless exonerated by a court of the crime for which he or she was previously convicted.

Sec. 10-6102 Exclusive Procedure

(a) This Article shall be the exclusive means for Enrollment Committee and Tribal Council consideration of disenrollment matters.

(b) No action to disenroll a member shall be taken unless authorized by the Tribal Council.

I'm confused

June 08' Percap was cut down to $900 because the tribe was broke. $20,000 set aside for tribe's pow-wow.
October 08" Percap was cut down to $500 because the tribe was still broke. Tribe's Executive Director now makes more than $100,000 after a raise.
Feb. 09' Tribal council admits that the tribe has money. Explains that buying a $13 million bank would be profitable? I don't care for these games or liars.
This tribal council is treating its people as bad or even worse than the white people did our ancestors. At least they received blankets when they were cold(they were infected with small pox). But hey, that's better than the response the tribal council told its people during the especially cold winter of 08'. "Get a job." I think some members went to a church to ask for donations to pay their heating bill. Some just layered clothing and braved the cold of their homes.
This tribal council is as popular as Bush was in his second term in office.
Enough is enough

A bit skeptical

The Meskwaki tribal council held an informational meeting to discuss bringing in a tribal bank which they believed would be a great way to branch out and make money. They didn't want the tribe to be so reliant on the casino. Members expressed concern because banks aren't faring so well in this economy. Members weren't very surprised when surprise! The tribal council had already bought the bank $13 million and paid the bank manager $5 million to start on "projects". Cutting back on unneccessary expenses-percap payments has obviously helped the tribe's finances.

It's the last resort to go to court to block the bank. The only way to be heard by this tribal council is to take them to court. People have been voicing their opposition to the tribal council's actions and decisions. All efforts were to no avail. It's funny and sad that the people on the tribal council think they automatically have a higher intelligence than the tribal members. The bank isn't even on the settlement, it's like 22 minutes away. Not very convenient for the tribal members especially those that can't get around. I'm sort of worried too. Tribal bank and no paper trail . . . I'm not saying I don't trust natives, I just don't trust some of them. The children's trust funds are also losing money with all the bank hopping the tribe has been doing.

Isn't it illegal to skim the interest on children's trust funds as one previous tribal council was known to do. To fund their cause of________. $$$

A lot of tribal members have been forced to go on food stamps, energy assistance, and there's also mention of bringing back commods. Cars have been repossessed, bad credit runs rampant and some people have even filed for bankruptcy.

I miss the good ole days. When percap was at $3,000 an amount that was not too much or too little. The political drama was nonexistant and embezzling was kept at bay. Life was good. Dare I say carefree? Everyone was taken care of and bills were paid. People pursued an education, held down jobs or even both. I guess this situation has forced members to become more appreciative of the percap and even more selective in who they choose to vote for in the elections.

Fall 09' terms are up for four tribal council members.
Meskwaki members go to court to block bank deal
Tama, Iowa (AP) 3-09

Some members of the Meskwaki Tribe are going to court to block the tribe from buying a Marshalltown bank.

Six tribal members filed a request for an injunction in Marshall County District Court to stop the deal with family-run Pinnacle Bank. They want to give more time to a pair of petitions circulating through the tribe calling for a public referendum on whether to buy the bank.

Attorney Darrell Meyer filed the motion, asking the court to delay the bank purchase until a referendum can be held.

Tribal leaders planned to start a new bank about two years ago but turned to Pinnacle Bank when it became available.

William and Marilyn Beohm purchased the bank in 1970 and remain the majority shareholders.

Referendum ignored

Eventhough the results of the referendum clearly shows that people want their full percap back. A tribal council member was telling people that the tribal council isn't going to acknowledge the referendum and the reduced percap payments are going to remain the same. The Meskwaki tribal members are very upset and disgusted with the tribal council.

Meskwaki rejects payment reductions

Meskwaki members rejects payment reductions
Tama, IA (AP) 3-09

Meskwaki members have rejected a tribal action that reduced their montly payment from tribal casino profits

The tribal council, which was already in place, was rejected Feb. 27 in a vote by the full settlement.

Last year, the council reduced the monthly payment from revenues from the Meskwaki Bingo-Casino-Hotel from $1,800 to $500 for adults, and from $500 to $125 for children.

Tribal elders said when they lowered the payments that increased gambling competition around the state and a nationwide economic downturn required the action.

Worst Tribal Council Ever

Enrolled Meskwaki tribal members living outside the state of Iowa are not eligible to vote in matters regarding the Meskwaki tribe. This includes elections, referendums, etc. The majority of the tribe's members live out of state. So, it's more like 300 concerned members who live on and around the settlement that are weary of the bs that the tribal council is putting them through. We have a lawyer representing the tribe that has a bad reputation in Indian Country, Steve Olson. Our tribe has a contract with his law firm and our tribe is giving him $750,000 a year for three years.

The tribal council completely disregards the tribal members' concerns, questions, and they don't inform the people of what they're doing until it has already been done. For example they bought a known flailing bank for $13 million! Just nine months after they told the tribal members that the tribe was broke and they were cutting the percap. They recently rejected a valid petition to recall two tribal members. One whose name can be found on Iowa's sex offender list and the other tribal council member who is currently facing charges of domestic abuse. After the percap was cut in June 2008, the tribal council also upped the prize money in our pow-wows. It makes sense since the chairman and other tribal council member are known to hit the pow-wow trail hard. Amid times of financial crisis this is a bit odd and makes the actions of the tribal council sketchy and low.

The tribal elders even went to the tribal council and pleaded for the tribal council to give the elders an increase in percap due to the fact that they in poor health, can't get jobs, can't pay their bills. They were denied any help. So, tribal members have to look outside of the tribe for help. The tribal council is acting like the tribe's casino profits belongs to them. When the money is supposed to go back to tribe and tribal members. A tribal council is supposed to take care of the people and act in the best interest of the tribe. They aren't doing anything for the people. Building a lot of fancy, expensive buildings isn't going to help the people at all. The tribal council is intent on building a legacy(buildings) at the expense of the people.

I honestly don't know what's wrong with the tribal council. If, they are ill advised or just no good. Apparently, there's going to be petitions to recall the whole tribal council. Good riddance!

I heard that the Lower Sioux Tribe of Morton,MN went through a similiar situation. Is there anyone from the Lower Sioux Indian Tribe who can give us some info on what more our tribe can do to resolve this problem?